One Last PUSH for Pete

So I’m three quarters of the way up the mountain but I still need an extra helping hand on my ass to push me up and over the summit! And by hand I mean…donations. And by Ass I mean…cash. Ass cash if you will. Or to put it another way – WTF?   Well, you [...]

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To Do…To Done!

I had a lovely moment last Thursday when, right in the middle of what should have been the height of our pre Comedy Writers Festival panic, for the life of me I couldn’t find anything to panic about.  WTF? No, seriously – WTF? Sure this was just a little mini-festival in comparison to the mammoth [...]

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Gaying it forward – Redux

So remember that time I joined a cult? Well turns out it wasn’t really a cult, I’m not on the mothership and it’s not banned in France!  (Thank you Andre).  So I’m 0 for 0 on that one. On the flip side of things however I’m batting a thousand in terms of having my life [...]

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Auf wiedersehen

Last September I drafted an email to Bernd Eichinger, head of Constantin Film and the man many considered ‘more or less the German film industry’ (as one of my friends referred to him on Facebook yesterday). The email I wrote was an invitation to Bernd to appear at the London Screenwriters’ Festival as one of [...]

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Gaying it forward – Part 1

So last weekend I only went and joined a cult! Seriously. Well sort of. Depends who you talk to really. Me or the French. And on re-reading that it occurs to me that my abstract might become a little less so if I elaborate a touch…so what actually happened was that I did The Landmark [...]

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Fiddle me this…

Holy crap it’s been about a bazillion somethings since I last blogged.  August to be precise.  August twentieth to be even more preciser-er.  And that’s over two whole English months ago.  So what the hell have I been doing?  Besides falling in love that is?  Producing a massive great big giant screenwriters’ festival that’s what. And [...]

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Remember that time?

Yes!  Alright!  So I only went and fell in love!  What of it? Shut up. Whatever. Leave me alone. Shut up, everyone just SHUT UP! Okay, so as ever with these things, it was the last frigging thing I was expecting and the last frigging thing I wanted. Indeed the night I collided (quite literally) [...]

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What page are we on at the end of the sandwich at the front door?

Look at me writing away!   Nigh on four weeks into our self imposed ‘shut down’ of everything non script writing related and I’m loving every “What fucking page are we on again?” minute of it. Weird how all those dumbass stupid things that take up so much of our time before can suddenly disappear [...]

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Who’s been sitting in my chair?

So anyone who’s been following the show will know that there wont be a show to follow for much longer. For the first season at least which we’ve decided is going to end on July 1st.  And how happy am I about that?  Stupid dumbass question…. Not that I don’t love every other minute of [...]

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I’m so tired I want to punch someone in the face!

Seriously it’s like I’ve been hit by the jet-lag stick several thousand times without any of the fun of the aeroplane bar or tiny films. Thought it was just me until I crashed into the office yesterday and found Chris face down in his fatigue too.  Since then we’ve both been peaking and troughing our [...]

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